Artwork for “Objectified” Exhibiton

About the project

"In reaction to a string of murders, assaults and rapes earlier this year and in acknowledgement of centuries of injustices towards survivors of intimate abuse.
Objectified is a giant group show committed to raising funds and community awareness for violence against women, children and all survivors within the gender spectrum.
Violence and assault against women, children and all survivors on the gender spectrum is recognized as a serious and widespread problem in Australia. Survivors suffer from psychological and physical damage as well as heavy social costs.
However this significant social problem is ultimately preventable. Now is the time to facilitate the conversation and take action."

"Opening on Thursday, 11 October, Objectified is a large-scale exhibition that includes over 100 emerging and established Australian and International artists working across a range of disciplines. Brought together for the first time, they are committed to raising funds and community awareness for one of the most pressing issues of our day: violence against women, children and all gender identities, at a time when on average one woman a week is murdered by her partner.
Curated and Produced by R-J Williams and Fiona Louise Campbell in collaboration with aMBUSH Gallery."

Artist Statement

The effects from both verbal and physical abuse ripple through our communities, Like a flesh-eating disease. The effects ripple through all facets of a victims life. I have experienced this through countless friends and partners. I have seen the effects and destruction caused, and the sad fact is that I know I am not alone. I have seen the fear, anxiety and depression caused by such abuse, the therapy and help needed – that’s if it’s even accessible to the victim. Such unnecessary harm and damage is caused to women in Australia and around the world and something has to change. Sometimes this harm is caused by a singular event, sometimes it is not. But one single event can negatively impact someone’s life in such a destructive way and through no fault of their own, it is so unnecessary and preventable. Society needs to change, the way we view women needs to change, we need to change.